The use of Neppy garments in summer season

Neppy Yarn is a type of fancy yarn in which tiny reinforced parts are called neps. It is formed leaving particular intervals, especially in a various range of colors. All is about to get decorative effects on a woven knit and fabric. Neps can be adjusted to webs or mixes. There is no scarcity of industries that manufacture Neppy Yarn, but it is very hard to find the best industry which has a vast industrial knowledge and experience in providing the best quality of Neppy Yarn. It is necessary for a successful yarn industry to keep abreast of the latest trends of their customers and bring necessary changes to their products accordingly.

Neppy Yarn

The preparation of quality Neppy Yarns is not possible for all yarn industries. There are only few industries in Pakistan that perform this adventurous task successfully, such as Abtex. This is the only industry in the country, which offers the production of Neppy Yarn exactly as per the diverse requirements of the customers or clients. That is why; Nappy Yarns produced by this company are widely being used in garments industry.  Clothes made by nappy yarn are so much useful in summer season as they are very light and easy to handle when it is intense heat. These garments are the best for the people who have to do field work as part of their job.

It often simply happens that the clothes which are light in weight are soon worn out. On the other hand; the clothes, garments and briefs (wrongly used as under wear in Pakistan) last for a long period and have extreme resistance to abrasions as well. You must have noticed that newly purchased garments look very bright, but with the passage of time, they become fading and start to shrink. It does happen with the clothes prepared from the yarn of other companies. The garments made of our Neppy Yarns neither shrink nor fade for years. On that account, our Neppy Yarn is popular both at home and abroad. The actual function of clothes is to cover the naked body parts but when you cover them with some suitable garments, your apparent look becomes more attractive and magnificent.

The significance and uses of Melange Yarn

Melange Yarn

A brief introduction to Abtex International

Abtex is an international company located in Pakistan and deals in Melange Yarn, Poly Cotton Yarn, Dyed Yarns and knitted Fabrics. The company has earned a great reputation in providing quality Yarn to its clients at easily affordable rates.

What is Melange Yarn?

The importance of yarn and its industrial use cannot be denied as it is used not only on the industrial lever but also domestically with a wide range. There are a lot of varieties of yarn; Melange Yarn is also one of them. The process of manufacturing this type of yarn is to spin various cotton fibers coated with a specific range of colors. Shades of mélange yarn depend on the blends such as cotton/poly, 100% cotton and cotton/viscose and more. Hundreds of shades can be produced, if a person knows how to mix different percentages of cotton with particular ratios.

The main uses of Melange Yarn

The uses of Melange Yarn are many, but it is mostly utilized to prepare socks, sweaters, jerseys and undergarments. There are more than one kinds of Melange yarn manufactured by mixing dyed and raw fibers.

Kinds of Melange Yarns

  • Poly Cotton Melange
  • Poly Viscose Melange
  • 100% Polyester Mélange
  • 100% Cotton Melange
  • Nappy Melange
  • Triblend Melange
  • Siro or Mar Mélange
  • Organic Cotton Melange
  • Core Spun Melange
  • Heater Grey Melange
  • Triblend Melange
  • Slub Inject Melange

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The role of cotton crop in the textile industries

Cotton MelangeThere are two crops in the world that are very important and play prominent role in wearing and eating; Wheat and Cotton. Here we’ll talk about Cotton Melange. A lot of garments like under wear, socks, jerseys and sweaters are all made of cotton yarn. For the well understanding of something, it is useful to go deep into it. It opens casements of the mind and lets the light of the information lamp to brighten it. This world is like a social village which is usually known as global village. The international communicative activities have been increased because of modern technological advancements. So, it is not worth wondering to include words from other language to our own language. Melange is, in fact, a French word which means mixture.

Keeping in view the above explanation, the understanding of cotton mélange has become simpler. In simple words, it will be somewhat like this: “Cotton Mixture”. Almost everybody knows about “yarn, so there is also a cotton mélange yarn used for various purposes including in the preparation of jerseys, sweaters, socks, jackets, briefs and more. There are tiny cotton fibers from which yarn is prepared and finally; clothes are made of it. Yarn is nothing but a long length into interlocked fibers. The circle of yarn usage in textiles, knitting, rope making, crocheting, sewing and embroidery is very widespread.

Many people think ‘yarn’ and ‘thread’ as the same sense. But, it is not so. ‘Thread is nothing but a sort yarn which is prepared to sew something by machine, so-called sewing machine or by hand. Latest sewing threads are mostly manufactured with the support of lubricants and wax to deal with the stresses found in sewing. Embroidery threads are also yarns particularly manufactured for machine embroidery or hand. The world yarn is taken from Middle English as well as from the old English. The plants which is most commonly used to get fiber is cotton as was stated above; it is one of the most major crops of the world used to cover the naked parts of the body.