The significance and uses of Melange Yarn

Melange Yarn

A brief introduction to Abtex International

Abtex is an international company located in Pakistan and deals in Melange Yarn, Poly Cotton Yarn, Dyed Yarns and knitted Fabrics. The company has earned a great reputation in providing quality Yarn to its clients at easily affordable rates.

What is Melange Yarn?

The importance of yarn and its industrial use cannot be denied as it is used not only on the industrial lever but also domestically with a wide range. There are a lot of varieties of yarn; Melange Yarn is also one of them. The process of manufacturing this type of yarn is to spin various cotton fibers coated with a specific range of colors. Shades of mélange yarn depend on the blends such as cotton/poly, 100% cotton and cotton/viscose and more. Hundreds of shades can be produced, if a person knows how to mix different percentages of cotton with particular ratios.

The main uses of Melange Yarn

The uses of Melange Yarn are many, but it is mostly utilized to prepare socks, sweaters, jerseys and undergarments. There are more than one kinds of Melange yarn manufactured by mixing dyed and raw fibers.

Kinds of Melange Yarns

  • Poly Cotton Melange
  • Poly Viscose Melange
  • 100% Polyester Mélange
  • 100% Cotton Melange
  • Nappy Melange
  • Triblend Melange
  • Siro or Mar Mélange
  • Organic Cotton Melange
  • Core Spun Melange
  • Heater Grey Melange
  • Triblend Melange
  • Slub Inject Melange

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