The role of cotton crop in the textile industries

Cotton MelangeThere are two crops in the world that are very important and play prominent role in wearing and eating; Wheat and Cotton. Here we’ll talk about Cotton Melange. A lot of garments like under wear, socks, jerseys and sweaters are all made of cotton yarn. For the well understanding of something, it is useful to go deep into it. It opens casements of the mind and lets the light of the information lamp to brighten it. This world is like a social village which is usually known as global village. The international communicative activities have been increased because of modern technological advancements. So, it is not worth wondering to include words from other language to our own language. Melange is, in fact, a French word which means mixture.

Keeping in view the above explanation, the understanding of cotton mélange has become simpler. In simple words, it will be somewhat like this: “Cotton Mixture”. Almost everybody knows about “yarn, so there is also a cotton mélange yarn used for various purposes including in the preparation of jerseys, sweaters, socks, jackets, briefs and more. There are tiny cotton fibers from which yarn is prepared and finally; clothes are made of it. Yarn is nothing but a long length into interlocked fibers. The circle of yarn usage in textiles, knitting, rope making, crocheting, sewing and embroidery is very widespread.

Many people think ‘yarn’ and ‘thread’ as the same sense. But, it is not so. ‘Thread is nothing but a sort yarn which is prepared to sew something by machine, so-called sewing machine or by hand. Latest sewing threads are mostly manufactured with the support of lubricants and wax to deal with the stresses found in sewing. Embroidery threads are also yarns particularly manufactured for machine embroidery or hand. The world yarn is taken from Middle English as well as from the old English. The plants which is most commonly used to get fiber is cotton as was stated above; it is one of the most major crops of the world used to cover the naked parts of the body.


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